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You know that feeling you get, when you're trying on new lipsticks and you finally find THE perfect colour? Or when you find the perfect pair of shoes? That feeling of elation, that confidence, that joy, is what I strive to offer each and every one of my clients. 


I love weddings. I love make-up, I love making people happy, and I’m quite creative. So it was a dream come true to be able to turn my passions into a career, and I still have to pinch myself that I get to do something which I love every day!  It's not a job. It's a privilege. 


I haven't always been a make up artist. I have a psychology degree, In addition to make up artistry,, I have qualifications in British Sign Language, event management and counselling. I've worked in fashion and bridal retail too (weirdly ALL of which have helped me as a make up artist!). 

Fate stepped in, at a time when I was becoming disillusioned with where life was headed. I was bored, stuck in a rut and fed up having my working day mapped out by someone else. I had started a side job working for a "sell at home" cosmetics company, and loved making my clients and hosts look and feel fantastic.  It was like I had found my calling, and after a while a couple of my regulars asked me to be involved in their weddings. I took a chance, and I have NEVER looked back. 

Over the last 12+ years, I have achieved more than I could have hoped for. I've won awards. I've been published many times in esteemed publications. And my work even appeared on a huge billboard!!! But, most importantly, I have helped make 100's of brides look and feel their most beautiful on their special day. And that is priceless to me. I call myself a "wedding specialist" because, on the day, I'm not there to just do your make up. I'm there as a friend, a fixer, a cheerleader, someone who has got your back. And in all my years, I have never, EVER had a bride late on my watch!

Kerry is a member of the Safe Beauty Association and is qualified in British Sign Language


Personally speaking, I'm really down to earth, a typical Northern lass with a daft sense of humour. 

I'm a stickler for timings. I arrive ten mins early to everything. My friends say I'm OCD. I say I'm just organised! 

I live with my fella Dave and his 2 daft border collies. In my house you make yourself comfortable. 

I love the colour purple, and I have an addiction to anything salted caramel. Particularly chocolate.

To relax I love soaking in bubble baths, reading anything trashy on my kindle, watching Ru Pauls drag race or listening

to comedy podcasts.

I like my tea strong and coffee stronger.  Alcohol wise my preferred tipple is an amaretto sour. 

My favourite make up brand is Charlotte Tilbury, and my favourite lipstick is ".

I have 5 tattoos, 2 pairs of Doc Martens and a sparkly pair of Irregular Choice heels. I have my nails done every 3 weeks and

well known for my red hair. 

I also buy anything that has a feather on it. 

I HATE bananas, custard, bad manners and bad eyebrows!


much love

Kerry x

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